These are SHL Awards.

Award Description Holder
SHL Cup Awarded to the SHL Playoffs Winner. Astral Aeroes, 2013-2014
Chairman of Four Award Awarded to the Division Champion (2004-2010) (Will be brought back to 2015-2016) season

Team X (2010)

Ultimate Royals (2010)

Kingship Trophy Awarded to team with most points in regular season Astral Aeroes with 108, 2013-2014
Majestic Trophy Awarded to the league's MVP. Andy Martin, 2013-2014
Phillips Trophy Awarded to high playing ability, outstanding sportmanship and conduct. Daiku Javielle 2013-2014
Goliath Ironwall Trophy Awarded to the top goaltender. William Smith 2013-2014
Katana Trophy Awarded to the top rookie. Dirk Dutang 2013-2014
Soundwave Trophy Awarded to the player who has the biggest breakthrough with many notable achievements. Michael Torio 2013-2014
Red Stick Trophy Awarded to the player with the most points at the end of the season. Geber Lopezel with 122, 2013-2014
Iron Fist Trophy Awarded to the best defenceman of the league. Thomas Gateau, 30-34-64
Canadian Leaf Trophy Awarded to the playoff's MVP. Grant Martin and Robert Cowen
Iron Puck Trophy Awarded for getting the most goals in the season. Geber Lopezel with 52
Top Hat Trophy Awarded for the player with the most hat tricks in the season. Chad Rodriguez with 7
Bardo Trophy Awarded for getting the most assists in the season. David Fijin with 76
Greene Trophy Awarded for outstanding performance, player of the year Sid Friar with 50
Captain Victory Award Awarded to the best captain of the season. Andy Martin, 45-55-100

2015-2016 SeasonEdit

2016-2017 Season Edit

  • Chairman of Four Award Winners: Scarlet Saviors and Green Hornets
  • Kingship Award: Scarlet Saviors
  • Majestic Trophy NominessTed Mauvre, Bixby Clements, Rick Dowan
  • Phillips Trophy Nominees: Kevin Johnson, Roy Vallus, Igius Gonzalez
  • Goliath Ironwall Trophy Nominees: Drew Gaudron, Justin Lambré, Andre Montoja
  • Katana Trophy Nominees: Korby Klauser, Brady Bellack, Max Rosenblad
  • Soundwave Trophy: Tyson Schauss, David Eir, Bixby Clements
  • Red Stick Trophy Winner: Oliver Marton
  • Iron Fist Trophy Nominees: Jesse Valwell, Seth Derchi, Bixby Clements
  • Iron Puck Trophy Winner: Nick Phillips
  • Top Hat Trophy Winner: Nikita Volkqvist
  • Bardo Trophy Winner: Ted Mauvre
  • Greene Trophy Nominees: Nick Phillips, Mats Wyld, Nikita Volkqvist
  • Captain Victory Trophy Nominees: Anton Steele, Oliver Marton, Nikita Volkqvist
  • Canadian Leaf MVP Trophy Winner: Justin Lambré
  • Royal Jersey MLP Trophy Winner: Ted Mauvre
  • Veiled Heart MOP Trophy Winner: Klaus Komos
  • SHL Cup Champion: Branton Nickels 4-2 against the Green Hornets