Nikita Volkqvist is a player and the captain of the 16px-LightningLogo.png Lambda Bay Lightning. He is known as the Lightning BoltVolt-qvist and the New One.

Volkqvist is often recognized as the next "legendary" player, being a more "modern" version of players such as Nick Phillips and Oliver Marton, and this is seen in his expert stickplay, two-way offensive and defensive awareness, and tactical and strategical set-ups. It is predicted that he will break several records alone in his career.

During the 2016-2017 Season, Nikita Volkqvist became the first player to score a shorthanded hat trick, register 14 goals in 10 games (beating Nick Phillips and Nik Incideus' record of 13), and has the fastest OT winning goal in SHL history with ten seconds (beating Oliver Marton's record of eleven seconds). At the end of the season he finished with 55 goals and 52 assists for a total of 107 points, becoming the second-highest scoring rookie in the SHL. He also notched seven hat tricks, and eight game winning goals and assists, as well as seven shorthanded goals, the most for a rookie ever.


  • Top Hat Trophy Winner: 2017
  • Corona Trophy Winner: 2017
  • Greene Trophy Winner: 2017
  • First player in SHL history to score a shorthanded hat trick
  • Most goals in ten games, or a set (14)
  • Fastest OT winning goal (10 seconds)

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