Michael Torio is the backup/secondary goalie of Team X. He started in the 2013-2014 season due to Sergei Grabovsky's retirement. 

Torio was named the Number 1 Rookie Goalie in the 2013-2014 year due to his impressive GAA and save amount. In addition, he recorded 5 shutouts in his 25 appearances in his rookie season alone.


2013-2014 SeasonEdit

Michael Torio signed with 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X for an entry level contract, becoming the new backup goalie and replacing Sergei Grabovsky who retired. He was the winner between prospects Kent Blanc and Walt Goodman who played in the lower leagues.

In his twenty five appearances, Torio seized 14 wins and 11 losses, but wished he could do better. Ultimately, Team X was in one of their worst seasons as the CEO stated, but Torio got signed to a five year extension by X and would serve as their permanent second goalie, with Kent Blanc and Walt Goodman as call-ups. Torio won rookie goalie of the year for his stats, recording a 2.00 GAA but a 0.979% save percentage, stopping 808 of 825 shots. He also had five shutouts, with a 20% shutout ratio to win.

2014-2015 SeasonEdit

Torio became the permanent second goalie for the season, and was eyeful of the new 16px-TDLogo.png Team Daiku goalie Anton Carlyle, who he said was a "storm" in the lower leagues. As the two were friends down in the lower leagues, Torio stated that it will be an interesting year. In his first appearance, Torio made a 35 save shutout against the 16px-AALogo.png Astral Aeroes, and said it will be a "good year".

On December 18th, 2014, Torio recorded his fifth shutout, against the White Warlocks, netting a 30 save, 3-0 victory. Torio also made the December highlight reel, making a large save against Tom Haddon by throwing his goalie stick.

On March 12th, 2014, Torio made his tenth shutout, against the 16px-RNLogo.png Red Nukes, netting 49 saves, with 21 of them being in the third period. Torio earned the 1st Star of the game, and said it was probably the "best game of his career". Subsequently on the 15th of March, Torio made his eleventh shutout for back to back shutouts, his second time ever doing this, and both in the same season, against the 16px-Yflogo.png Yellow Flash, making 31 saves in a 1-0 OT victory. Torio stopped 10 shots alone in overtime.

Torio plays two more games this season, against the 16px-Urlogo.png Ultimate Royals and the 16px-Ahlogo.png Ashtown Horsemen. Torio remarks he is excited for both games and hopes to secure wins for the team. Torio secured a win against the Royals, helping to win the shootout as he stopped Sid Friar, and Frazer Acterpoff went on to score on Tyler Nicklaus, netting a 4-3 win in the shootout. Torio made 43 saves that game.

Torio's final game of the regulation season came as a 2-1 win against the 16px-Ahlogo.png Ashtown Horsemen. Making 36 of 37 saves, Torio nearly stopped a quick goal by fifth liner Kirk Potterson, who was able to steal it and score. Torio finished the season with 28 wins, 7 losses, and a 1.46 GAA, letting in only 51 goals in his 35 appearances.


16px-TeamXLogo.png 2013-2014 25 14 11 0 50 945 895 94.7% 2.00 5 1552
16px-TeamXLogo.png 2014-2015 35 22 11 2 51 1124 1073 95.5% 1.46 11 2116
16px-TeamXLogo.png 2015-2016 25 15 7 3 67 917 850 92.7% 2.59 2 1550
Total 85 51 29 5 168 2986 2818 94.4% 1.99 18 5218


16px-TeamXLogo.png 2013-2014 8 4 4 0 19 2.37 2
16px-TeamXLogo.png 2014-2015 2 2 0 0 1 0.50 1
Total 10 6 4 0 20 2.00 3
Grand Total 70 48 22 121 1.73 19

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