Jean Theirron, also known as The Coach, is the head coach of 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X in the SHL. He is known for his excellent two-way strategies and bold manuevers which he helped develop Team X into one of the most dominant teams in the SHL. He has earned five awards for Coach of the Year and is the only coach in league history with that many awards, as well asfour SHL Cup championships, and 600 wins, which he obtained in his final season as coach in the 2016-2017 Season. Jean is widely considered to be the greatest coach of all time in the SHL, making Team X a "force to be reckoned with" despite having a season where they didn't reach 40 wins, they still made the third round of the playoffs, with the exception of the 2016-2017 Season where Team X was eliminated for the first time in the second round.

After his announced retirement, Jean was succeeded by long-time assistant coach Garrett Thorne, who he emphasizes "is the perfect successor". Though he will no longer be in the SHL physically, he has expressed being a GM "behind the scenes" of Team X.

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