El Goliath (real name Jake Timothy) is a former player for 16px-TeamXLogo.png Team X that played as a goaltender during the 2004-2005 Season, in which he played twelve games, going perfect in all of them with a 12-0-0 record, and played one game each in the 2005-2006 Season and 2006-2007 Season.

During the latter two seasons, Timothy suffered awful pains in his back, and said it started after developing severe muscle cramps and troubles breathing. Over the course of the three seasons, Jake played fourteen games in total, but decided to call it quits in the final of his seasons. Now, he acts as one of Team X's general managers, alongside his uncle, Lance Timothy. During the 2009-2010 Season, El discussed returning to the SHL as a player, but believed it was best to stay out due to his constant back spasms and his spine; it was later revealed he had scoliosis which made it hard to stay upright in net, and to breathe properly, the pain was discovered from back spasms. A while later, Timothy had successful surgery to correct his spine curve, and has expressed his concern to not return, but that he enjoys being GM.

During the same season, Timothy's jersey was retired, the only player to do so for the short time he played, due to his collectiveness in establishing team spirit and founding the team, and for being always motivational no matter what came across. He remains, despite playing only fourteen games, the only goaltender in SHL history to never lose a single game, which many attribute to his enormous stature at the time, being 6'6 the time he played. Timothy finished his career with 14 wins, no losses, and 7 shutouts. His first goal allowed was against Oliver Marton on a power play, and he has a record of three consecutive shutouts, only tied by his teammate, Buck Kampra.


16px-TeamXLogo.png 2004-2005 12 12 0 0 7 408 401 98.3% 0.58 6 720
16px-TeamXLogo.png 2005-2006 1 1 0 0 0 42 42 100% 0.00 1 47
16px-TeamXLogo.png 2006-2007 1 1 0 0 3 46 43 93.5% 4.29 0 42
Total 14 14 0 0 10 496 486 98.0% 0.74 7 809

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