• Nick Shadius

    Ten analysts predicted the winner of this year's SHL/XHL Cup (SHL Cup)

    2 1 1 1 2 2 1

    • Pros: Record-breaking power play, offensive done development is outstanding.
    • Cons: Defense is more offensive-based rather than defensive-based, at least the bottom 4.

    • Pros: Well versed, all around team, firing on all cylinders.
    • Cons: Bottom 10 are primarily defensive based whereas Top 10 are offensive-based.

    • Pros: Sleeper defender, Branton's offensive strategies woke up this season
    • Cons: Rick Dumon as starter for playoffs first-time, defensive downfall.

    • Pros: Offensively sharp, exceptional two-way strategy. Graham Grant finished season hot.
    • Cons: Defensive-based Top 10, Bottom 10 focuses less on two-way strength.

    • Pros: Well-developed team consisting of great offense and d…

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  • Nick Shadius

    Projected Teams for the 2017-2018 Season.

    • Oliver Marton, Sid Friar, Paul Ford, Tim Robinson, Doug Lazlow
    • Markus Pavlet, Bill Bradker, Braydon Schev, Lukas Braxton, McKay Raxon
    • Zendo Vartev, Vladiv Bale, Landon Gettsburg, Chev Gregalitz, Lucas Grander
    • Ryan Faesi, Damien Norton, Eamon Daronsky, Duncan Dugrathson, Keith Blanchard
    • Tyson Schauss, Kris Vallberg, Andrei Gorbik

    • Geber Lopezel, Colton Caine, Jamie Chung, Richard Marksmith, Seth Davidson
    • Joel Blackion, Jared Pillar, Graham Turris, Lev Orski, Hunter Lavish
    • Riley Sapelli, Nathan Kolchev, Blake Cuther, Jerod Gerann, Louie Scopes
    • Jakub Nako, Logan Dristan, Grant Henrichs, Donald Wickard, Brayden Etenson
    • Graham Grant, Keith Marston, Logan Slevsky

    • Oskar Wilkenbrad, Mats Wyld, Donnie Sargas, Isak Otto…

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  • Nick Shadius

    Trades have been circulating in the SHL lately. With the 2016-2017 Season ending (congratulations to the Branton Nickels for winning the cup), the 2017-2018 Season sees movements and progressions happening again. Let's take a look.

    • The Benton Bruisers have acquired Lev Schneider in exchange for Tristan Morgan (2017 Draft Pick), Sergei Pronga, and David Jackman.
    • The Astral Aeroes waive the contracts of Tyler Robbs, Leighton Newfel, and Robert Cowen.
    • The Red Nukes acquire Brian Ellsberg for Andre Lavish, Marcus Soy, and John Kulwi.
    • The White Warlocks waive the contracts of Mark Orgella, Louie Scopes and TJ Donnie.
    • The Astral Aeroes acquire Kirk Burstrak (2017 Draft Pick) from the Damon City Warlords in exchange for Ray Drawra (2017 Draft Pi…
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  • Nick Shadius

    Trades and offers are among us once again.

    • The Aeroes haven't resigned the contract of Robert Cowen.

    • The Buccaneers haven't resigned the contract of Braydon Schev.
    • Dixon Teach announces that the 2017-2018 Season will be his last season, and has taken a $2M cut, earning an annual $4.5M a season.

    • The Centurions haven't resigned the contract of Dwayne Burns.

    • Ken Northberg has been resigned to a one-year contract; may be his final year.
    • The Knights haven't resigned the contract of Kurgan Ross.

    • The Rockets haven't resigned the contract of Aaron Rodgers.

    • The Skulls are looking for offense and defense, but mostly defense.
    • Hank Adams expressed that he would waive his entry-level and sign with another team if "the team in front of him doesn't improve".

    • The W…

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  • Nick Shadius

    The ten analysts predict the winner of the SHL Cup.


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  • Nick Shadius

    The 2016-2017 Season is one for the ages - many teams are surging forward, making the SHL Cup the ultimate destination. The Scarlet Saviors and the Green Hornets are fighting for the prestigial Kingship Trophy, and ultimately home-game advantage. Teams like the Ultimate Royals and Branton Nickels are reinvesting their lines and proving their worth. But all in all, where does each team stand?

    Right now, many awards in the SHL are already in talks - as to who should be nominated for it, or who is most deserving right now. Let's go over them in the bottom list.

    Undoubtedly the most vaunted award in the SHL - the MVP. Most Valuable Player is a title many aspire to claim. But right now - who would be the three nominees for the award?

    • Ted Mauvre
    • Bi…

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  • Nick Shadius

    The SHL has had many blockbuster moves and huge deals go on over the past week, while the playoffs are on. This involves big trades, and their redactions, as well as the final draft summary.

    The news that encircled the SHL three weeks ago about Taoshi Kobasigawa going to the Orange Orators, and then the New Harbour Blues in exchange for draft picks and up-and-comings has been redone in order to keep Taoshi for the Red Nukes.

    The new deal is: The Orange Orators will get rookie prospect Kale Draeson (G) and Todd Gonzaulo in exchange for some of their picks, Chad Hoffman and Derek Kaushi. The New Harbour Blues will receive Marcus Salrist (G) and Tim Bakers for Chris Tyarin and Ethan Krueger.

    Taoshi was originally going to leave the Nukes for two…

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  • Nick Shadius

    16 teams enter. Only 1 is crowned the Champion. This year was an exciting turn of events, with the Crozac Cardinals and Ashtown Horsemen making their first playoff appearance in league history. Let's take a look at the team chances, as well as the insights from our ten analysts on who will be crowned the champion this year.

    • Airdrie High Angels: If they can beat Team X in the first round, they have a shot at winning it all, especially with Airdrie being fully healthy for the playoffs.
    • Kimberly Knights: Kimberly is a strong defensive team. However, their offense will have to kick it into gear. Against their first opponent, the Scarlet Saviors, they may have a chance, but the next round, no matter what team, will test every aspect completely.
    • S…

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  • Nick Shadius

    The Lambda Bay Lightning, one of the teams coming to the virtual SHL 2016-2017 Season, has announced its first 23 players (20 players and 3 goalies) and are scouting for the fifth line.

    • Nikita Volkqvist (69)
    • Viktor Kamin (32)
    • Lex Drogon (8)
    • Andrei Kirov (91)
    • Eduard Vastelli (92)

    • Mario Castello (70)
    • Levi Hinkilla (38)
    • Patrik Diablins (22)
    • Sof Ortellu (11)
    • Christopher Canne (9)

    • Brad Meklin (11)
    • Landon Smikki (23)
    • Howard Boyse (37)
    • Nathan Connors (93)
    • Trev Grabowski (84)

    • Zachary Bouchin (75)
    • Tyler Carter (81)
    • James Vertiphant (29)
    • Hugo Silevsky (59)
    • Antti Sarini (15)

    • Baron Godqvist (87)
    • Roy Atkinson (48)
    • Kent Blanc (55)
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