Conference Eastern[1]
Division ?? [2]
Founded 2004
Arena The Forge
Owner Doug Keith
GM Lans Older
Coach Will Beauton
Captain David Fijin
Affiliates BH
SHL Cups 1
Conference Championships 2
Kingship trophies 0
Status Active

The 16px-Bladelogo.png Black Blades are a team in the SHL that joined, and was formed, during the 2004-2005 Season. They are named after Urban Black Smiths Co., who sponsors their franchise.

Twice in their career, the Black Blades have finished twice in the SHL Final but were unable to win the SHL Cup. The Blades are known for their quick and skillful players and their two goalies, who are thought to be one of the greatest goalie duos of all time.

Black has retired three players, Bryan Baltov (goalie from 2005-2009), Luke Greant (2005-2010), Mark Sartonelli (2008-2014).

During the 2015-2016 Season, the Blades won their first SHL Cup, beating the Citadel Centurions in the final, 4-2.


2015-2016 SeasonEdit

The 2015-2016 Season was recognized as a season of multiple achievements for the Blades. It was also seen as an outpouring, as the coach describes "the Blades have been reinvented". The Blades finished with a 50-18-2 record, their best record in league history. William Smith recorded 28 wins in 35 games, David Fijin recorded 92 assists, the third most in league history, and 126 points for the Red Stick Trophy and the Bardo Trophy as awards. They finished second behind the Citadel Centurions who captured the Kingship Trophy with a 51-16-3 record. However, Black clinched the conference with the most points.

Being projected as the future SHL Cup champions from 4/10 analysts, they were regarded as the best all-around team going into the playoffs. The Blades defeated the Brown Buccaneers in a 4-1 series before going on to face the Branton Nickels, defeating them in a 4-3 series. The playmaking of Matthias Falleaf was regarded as what made the difference in winning the series. Later, they played Team X, beating them in a 4-3 series, in where each team won at home and never on the road. After beating Team X, they advanced to their third SHL Cup final in six seasons, facing off against the Citadel Centurions. In a 4-2 series decision, the Black Blades defeated the Centurions, who were offensively led by Roy Vallus and Kristian Vugasus. In the sixth game, Matthias Falleaf scored the series-winning goal with an assist from Varo Tyutin, winning the SHL Cup with a final score of 4-2; Black had 43 shots on net where Citadel had 38. Falleaf was the second player in SHL history to score the series-winning goal all four times behind Nick Phillips who did it the year prior.

Matthias Falleaf won the Canadian Leaf Trophy for most valuable player in the playoffs. David Rolston won the Top Hat Trophy for most hat tricks during the season, as well as the Phillips Trophy. Mark Nilsson won the Iron Fist Trophy for best defenseman; it was his third nomination. David Fijin was also nominated for the Captain Victory Trophy, Majestic Trophy and Greene Trophy, coming 2nd place on all of them. DeMarcus Jones was nominated for the Katana Trophy, coming 2nd behind Ran Godfrey. William Smith was nominated for the Goliath Ironwall Trophy, coming 2nd to Buck Kampra. William described the loss as a bit of a "crusher", saying he felt like "Grant Martin a couple of years ago". Being his final game in the SHL, Varo Tyutin retired at the end of the year, happy to be an SHL Cup Champion.

At the end of the year, the Blades signed William Erhart to a remaining one-year contract - William expressed it will be his final year in the SHL. The Blades later selected Mikael Kroon, 23rd overall in the 2016 SHL Draft

2016-2017 SeasonEdit

The Blades added Sam Nilman, their selection from the 2015 SHL Draft, to replace Varo Tyutin, who had retired.

The 2016-2017 Season was remarked as the "worst year they have played", finishing with a 27-30-13 record. The Blades expressed disappointed concern - it was the first season where they allowed more than an average of 32 shots a game; this season it was at 36. William Smith finished 15-14-11, the worst record he had ever posted, with a 2.67 GAA. William later expressed "I wanted to blame the defence, but it was me that was extremely soft. It was like we didn't even win last year. Probably the most pathetic season I have ever played." The team faced a lot of criticism for their performance, stating "what we tried wasn't sufficient". Captain David Fijin commented on the statements that the loss of Mark Nilsson during a critical part of the season wasn't the reason for their performance, they were just "off by a mile". It marked the first time that the Blades missed the playoffs.

The GM, Lans Older expressed he would delve a bit into the 2017 SHL Draft, and look into some trades. He said "no one [with a few exceptions] is safe" after having the disastrous finish in the 2016-2017 Season. The Blades won the draft lottery and will be able to select first overall pick, Maxim Karlsson.


2016-2017 SeasonEdit

The current roster:

First Line
David Fijin 68 20 44 64 3 1 1
Matthias Falleaf 60 25 42 67 3 2 1 2
David Rolston 70 21 33 54 1 1 1 1
Mark Nilsson 61 7 25 32 1 1 1
DeMarcus Jones 62 6 24 30 1 1
Second Line
Andres Baker 64 13 14 27 1 2
Graham Turris 63 15 14 29 1 2 2
Daniel Smos 58 12 15 27 1 1 1
Hunter Taves 65 2 17 19 1
Hunter Lavish 69 3 15 18
Third Line
Justin Graves 66 6 14 20 1 1
Joshua Pike 64 6 12 18 1 1
Doug Graham 65 8 11 19 1 1
William Erhart 70 11 19 30 3 1 1 1
Sam Nilman* 66 5 13 18 1
Fourth Line
Landon Gettsburg 69 8 11 19 3 1 1 1
Michael Colbuck 69 6 10 16 1 1 1
Tyreese Gibbons 66 6 11 17 2 1
Noah Parker 67 2 13 15 1
Bob Varsity 68 2 13 15


- William Smith 40 15 14 11 110 1461 1351 92.5% 2.67 1 +68 95
- Peter Schwartz 20 6 12 2 62 718 656 91.4% 2.98 0 +49 90
- Michael O'Murray 10 6 4 0 32 371 339 91.4% 3.11 0 +18 88

Previous SeasonEdit

  1. David Fijin C 38-42-80
  2. Matthias Falleaf A 28-46-74
  3. Mark Nilsson A 30-36-66
  4. David Rolston
  5. DeMarcus Jones
  6. Andres Baker A
  7. Graham Turris
  8. Daniel Smos
  9. Hunter Taves
  10. Hunter Lavish
  11. Justin Graves
  12. Joshua Pike
  13. Doug Graham
  14. Varo Tyutin
  15. William Erhart
  16. Landon Gettsburg
  17. Michael Colbuck
  18. Tyreese Gibbons
  19. Noah Parker
  20. Bob Varsity
  21. Keegan Coleman
  22. Morgan Verdan
  23. Tyler Cainnes
  24. Durant DeVon
  25. Drew Sanchos
  26. William Smith G
  27. Peter Schwartz G

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